Capturing Greatness Coaching

Capturing Greatness Coaching

Ty Howard Coach YOU

Ty Offers ‘Successful Outcomes-Based’ Coaching Programs For —

1) Teens

2) Educators, Counselors, and Administrators

3) Executives, Directors, and Managers

4) Youth Workers / Leaders, and Adult Teen Mentors / Teen Peer Mentors

5) Parents and Guardians

Success Coaching has increased in both popularity and awareness in recent years. The concept is identical to that of a sports coach [in that the athlete is the one who trains, works, and wins with the coach being on the sidelines encouraging]. The difference in that the ‘game’ is called life. All of us can benefit from a someone alongside us offering wisdom, insight, encouragement, guidance, listening, and being supportive.

Specifically a coaching relationship will deliver:

Perspective – your coach provides fresh or different ways of looking at a situation.

Energy – your coach provides energy and support as needed.

Message – your coach shares fitting knowledge, opinions or wisdom that inspires you.

Solution – your coach shares a solution to a problem, challenge or issue.

Plan – your coach co-develops a plan of action with you.

Structure – your coach provides support and a check-in structure.

Resources – your coach suggests/refers you to experts, books, tools, assessments.

Caring – your coach cares via listening, patience, safety and love.

Training – your coach trains in personal, communication and understanding.

Advice – your coach provides advice by recommendations and suggestions.

Validation – your coach validates by encouragement and acknowledgment.

Strategy – your coach develops or co-develops a strategy for your life / relationship.

Feedback – your coach offers feedback, observations, insights, ideas and opinions.

Challenge – your coach provides a challenge to you to stretch, grow, or make a change.

Whether it’s just someone to talk to outside of the family or business organization with an interest and understanding in your well-being, or specific life goals you would like to accomplish, I, Ty Howard…
Coach Ty — look forward to supporting you on on your journey.





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